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Access to the VW-Group Canada Port Operations Extranet

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Benefits of Access:
  • The VW Group Canada Ports Extranet gives authorized dealers 24-hour access to a database showing the status and estimated shipping date of vehicles on order.

  • If they are being shipped by rail, you can link automatically to the CN or CPR tracking databases and know exactly where your vehicles are.

  • You also have access to an Announcements Board which gives information about any current Technical Holds, about expected ship arrival times and other useful information.

  • You can find contact information for key personnel in each of the four Port Operations offices across Canada. You can send email to any of these contacts by clicking on their link. Phone and Fax numbers are also provided.
Legal Notes:
  • This Extranet is intended for VW and Audi dealers and business partners only. Unauthorized access will result in prosecution.

  • Do not reveal your password to anyone. No one from VW Group Canada will ever ask for your password. Any evidence of users or business partners sharing their ID and password with other dealers or with customers will be cause for that ID to be revoked.

  • Users and business partners are expected to consider all VW Group Canada information confidential unless specifically identified for public release. Failure to comply can result in termination in the case of an employee or be considered grounds for a breach of contract for a business partner.

  • By accessing the Extranet with your login you are agreeing to these terms.
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  • Note: If you do not have a password, or if you have forgotten it, contact the webmaster. Your identity must be confirmed by VW Group Canada staff before a new password can be issued. There can be only one password per dealership, which can be shared amongst all authorized employees at that dealership.
I AGREE to the above terms I DO NOT AGREE